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Meet our pigs!


Theodore was surely an adorable baby! He was a farm pig sold under false pretenses as a small Pot Belly pig to an unwitting buyer. Theodore was purchased as a Christmas gift and as he continued to grow, was moved from the house to a chain in the yard.


We got the report of a Pot Belly pig being kept chained and not cared for properly.  When we investigated, it was obvious this was a young farm pig only a few months old that already weighed nearly 100 pounds. Poor Theodore was wearing a harness and was tethered with a chain to a tree.  He had been tied there for a while with a makeshift dog house.


We talked to the owners, who were happy to let us take him but still insisted he was not a farm pig. He most certainly was a farm pig and now weighs more than 800 pounds.

He is such a great pig!  Our biggest but most loving and gentle pig, Theodore will throw himself on the ground and go belly up for tummy rubs!  He doesn’t know a stranger and always wants to be center of attention!  This makes him a perfect pig ambassador.  He is a definite favorite among visitors to the Farm.

Theodore’s  food and medical care is $50 monthly.  He enjoys vegetables and squash! Sponsorship is available for Theodore!


Sassy is a little silly!  She loves to run and play chase with the other pigs. She was about 5 months old when she was surrendered to our Farm Sanctuary. Her family found compassion when they became attached to Sassy, partly due to her silliness.  They had a change of heart and decided not to breed or sell sassy for slaughter. They chose a kinder path and wanted to let her live her life in a place where she would forever be safe and could stay silly for the rest of her days!

Sassy came to our Farm Sanctuary in 2016 and has grown up with our resident senior pig, Momma as her mentor. She plays games with Eddy and Theodore, and you can often find her cuddled up next to one of the other pigs at nap time. She is the very best at rooting out a deep wallow and is happy to get it just perfect before flopping herself down for a good mud bath.


We love Sassy and are so grateful she was able to join our sounder of swine!

Sassy’s food and medical care is $40 monthly.  Sassy also enjoys fresh zucchini and other vegetables!

Sponsorship is available for silly Sassy pig!

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